Machine work that is done to all Dart and Bowtie blocks, machined as follows –

– Main housing bores chamfered
– Freeze plug holes and rear cam hole are chamfered
– Line honed to at least the middle of the spec or high side if needed
– Decked to your dimension
– Bore to your spec
– Plate honed using the same gasket and hardware that will be used in the end build
– Lifter bores checked and honed to the lifters that will be used in the end build
– Top of lifter bores chamfered
– Bottom of the cylinders chamfered
– Tap oil galley holes deeper
– Stroker clearance pan rail only
– Chamfer Distributor hole for O rings
– Cleaned ready to go     

Lifter bore up grades to .875, .904, .937  – $375.00

Bush lifter bores to .842,  .875,  .904,  .937 Using  a 1.000 bushing. – $900.00

Cam Tunnel up grade to 010 blocks, Machine to 48MM roller cam bearing standard journal or machine to BBC 2.120 groove annular oil groove and line hone. – $700.00

Blue Print Bore cam tunnel to next over size. – $450.00

On Dart and Bowtie SBC’s  Machine cam tunnel to 2.120  BBC or 2.282  50MM Roller cam bearings or using a Babbitt cam bearing GMP-55-T Cam bearing you can go to a 55MM Cam core – $600.00

On a Dart BBC Machine cam tunnel to 2.282 For a 55MM Babbitt cam bearing price is – $600.00

Machine to 2.477 for 55MM roller cam bearing or 60MM Babbitt for 60MM Cam core add – $200.00

Stroker clearance inside of cylinders is a manual set up $100.00

Machine pan rails for 3.875 or 4.0 stroke 75.00

Shipping SBC and SBF blocks to a commercial location in the USA 170.00

Shipping BBC blocks to a commercial location in the USA 200.00