Carl Hinkson started his engine building career when he was eight years old working with his grandfather on Honda Mini bikes for their friends in the neighborhood. His first V/8 build was at the age of 14 and was a 390 Ford for a Rambler Scrambler.

Once in High School, he was helping Ken, owner of Ken Wood Machine, just up the street where he learned a lot about machine shop work. In between studying for school, he was building engines for his friends at school and the local circle track.

In 1977 he started Hinkson Automotive Research & Development. In 1990, he ordered equipment from Sunnen Products, bought some BHJ fixtures and had a Stewart Warner balance and by this time he had a good reputation for building engines.

In 2000, he bought a HAAS CNC machining center from RMC. The business was going good so he bought another line hone set up for the CNC shop, plus a new Hines balancer and the BHJ fixture for blue printing cam tunnels.

Today, Carl supplies a lot of shops and engine builders all over the World with blue printed blocks with cam tunnel and lifter bore up grades as well as machining a lot of SBC’s for splayed caps and BBC cam tunnels.

Hinkson Automotive is a wholesale distributor with most companies like Dart Machinery, Wiseco, Callies, Master, with Diamond pistons, etc.  We also have good buying power from GM and Ford Motorsports.

Right now, Hinkson Automotive & CNC Blocks is set up to CNC machine SBC, BBC, Iron Eagle and SBF and in the near future we will be machining the LS blocks.

Carl still has a passion for engine builds, and does short and complete builds in his spare time.